Respect for premium ingredients 

- Frode Selvaag

To me, the Sterling ® halibut is respect, first and foremost. Respect for all the time and work my  skillful sterling colleagues have put into rearing and growing this amazing fish

As a chef, one must have utmost respect for premium quality ingredients. Only then, can we find the perfect way of preparing them.

“Throughout my career, I have tasted more than 450 different Sterling ® halibut dishes around the world. And I can assure you, this ingredient fits right into any kitchen, any cuisine.”

If you prepare the Sterling ® halibut with respect, you will succeed in cooking with it.

Hitting the correct core temperature is crucial when preparing the halibut. It should be somewhere between 48 ­ 50 degrees C for optimal taste.

Prepare your meal in reverence, and with utmost respect for the people who looked after the fish for five years, before it landed on your table.