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The broodstock is the jewel here at Sterling! We take great care of these little ones, and strive to give them the best possible care and supervision.

When the fish is ready for spawning, eggs and sperm are released through manual stroking. One female can yield up to 40 - 50 litres of eggs per season. SWH produces eggs throughout the year.

On the table

Cook with Sterling ® Halibut, and impress your dinner guests with new dishes and exciting flavours. With its meaty, succulent texture, this fish is guaranteed to win hearts, and satisfy palates. It is a feast for your tastebuds, whether it is served as a fillet, chop, or oven baked.

Sterling ® Halibut also tastes wonderful served raw, in ceviche or sushi. And thanks to its strong bone structure, it is easy to debone. Preparations will be as enjoyable as the meal itself.

This versatile ingredient is great for experimenting in the kitchen. Have fun, and take your creativity to new heights!

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