Kveite med asparges og sitron Ferdig rett

Sterling® Halibut on the Grill  

Serves 4


600 g Sterling ® Halibut fillet with skin

  • 40 g Organic butter
  • 1 stk Organic lemon  
  • 1 bundle Fresh asparagus  
  • 8 Small, fresh turnips  
  • Salt and pepper  


Cut the Sterling ® halibut fillet into pieces weighing 150 g each. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and place on the grill with the skin facing down.

Cut the turnips and lemon in half, before putting them on the grill, together with the asparagus.

When the halibut is done, put it aside and let it rest in a tempered place. Make sure it doesn’t get too much heat.

Cut each asparagus into 3 ­- 4 pieces, and mix in a bowl with the butter. Add the turnips. Squeeze the lemon over the vegetables, and serve.

Kveite med asparges og sitron pa grill

For more details, see video below

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